Sometimes life just gives you a sign. During my pondering lately I’ve had a couple of thoughts that have rolled around regarding relationships and the ways they can thrive differently. Part of the prompt was repeated discussions as folks try to wrap their heads around being both leader and follower. The glitch was getting it in human terms, in this format, in less than a million words.

Then life gave me a couple of signs. One really. Thankfully. Doubt I could string ten things together. One sign ten times is a different story! First saw the article while thumbing a Reader’s Digest in a s…l…o…w checkout line. Then I finished it in an office. Then I saw it in three more places today. Hey, I see a trend, do you. Finally I got it! The original is from NYT op-ed. Tap image for article.

She is the leader, he is the ruler. Neither is stronger or weaker, both show strength and restraint.


8 thoughts on “Wolfpack

  1. I really like the article and it makes a lot of sense. I think that this is what a lot of us strive to attain and the writer expresses the way leadership and partnership can work really effectively through his observations of the wolf pack. Funny that it kept popping up for you wherever you went. Great post – thank you.


  2. Now that is interesting!

    I’ve had a fascination with wolf packs, pack mentality in general and everything in between since I was very little. I have books, movies and even my parents bought me wolf figurines for gifts from a young age…. When I was little I wanted to be Farley Mowat! lol (Might still be a fantasy … shh!)

    So, a bunny with the heart of a wolf …?!?!


  3. This works, if he has in fact studied her leadership well enough to know it’s in line with the kingdom he has spent a lifetime building. 

    I’m a doer, I’ve always had to be, so it is in my nature to lead some avenues of daily life. I envy women who can lead every daily avenue pursued. Such strength there, I think. I’ve done it. Do it. However, I don’t like to. 

    Tiredness comes to mind, but mostly it’s the craving of the joint effort involved in a relationship. The craving of a hand at the small of my back, being guarded while on a sidewalk and knowing some moments don’t require my full attention and decision. There’s a truth in that sort of understanding. Just as her ability to recognize the needs of the one she adores, places herself at his heels in ready position and offers a soft place to fall.

    Not sure if the universe was hitting you with this in order to teach you, remind you or lead you moving forward, but I find it quite lovely. This, how you see beauty in a relationship even after a tough year, will one day honor you with a joyful season. 


    • We all lead and follow. Both require attention to the way of another. These last two years saw both God and the Devil offer me paths. One definitely appeared easier and well trod but I’ve always liked the path I was on so I followed it. It offered a chance to see beauty everywhere I looked. The other was lined with all manner of things I find offputting.


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