Pete and Repeat

Hopefully y’all all know the joke that the title references. It is what came to mind when I realized that I had trod this path before.

I once wrote about “My type of Dog” and it came back to mind yesterday evening. You see, it’s been one of those weeks. Folks who have tried to stir up trouble in the past have resurfaced. They are trying to behave badly and cause a ruckus. That they are fibbing to people or misleading means nothing to them. The fact that they have been shown for their true selves repeatedly means nothing each time they find a new disciple and send that poor soul up against me and the organization that I care for. Dealing with it is an annoyance if for no other reason than what could be best summed up by a line by Baby in the great movie “LoneStar State of Mind”. “Haven’t I killed you once already?”

I have girly-girl this week and I keep that breed of stupid away from her. That means that she lay on her bed yesterday and read while I spent hour after hour outside in high 90’s sun on the phone killing stupid again. Come evening my view of particular humans was dim but I had a plan. She took a bath a bit early and I loaded up as she finished and had supper. Roundabout 7 we headed to the local community center. It has about an acre and a half of yard and I have a key. She went inside to read as I  unloaded, grinning as I did so.

Grinning for a couple of reasons. The view there is incredible. If you don’t like watching the sunset over those mountains then your standard for pretty is set WAY too high. Been watching the sunset there since I was a kid and it is always beautiful. The sun was getting low in the sky, it was gorgeous, it was cooling off and I was sitting on another reason to smile. I’ve got a mower in the same way that Crocodile Dundee has a knife. It came about for a saddening reason but I love it nonetheless. It makes homeowner zero turn mowers look silly and even other “commercial” zero turn mowers look light duty around it. Put another way, it makes mowing fun, really fun. I mow a lot of grass helping people and I typically do it with a maniacal grin I’m told. Knocking out the grass at the building was a good way to help others and a good way to put the day behind me and enjoy the sunset. Funny how we all learn things though as we carry out our best laid plans.

Easing off the trailer, I brought it up to speed and set off. It would be hard to deny that it tickles me to see guys pull over and watch me mow. They’ve never seen a freak show like that mower provides so I’ll look up to see a truck in the ditch with a couple of guys just staring. Happened again a time or two last night. Then, when I was close to finishing, I saw a familiar truck and trailer easing in. It was the kind fellow I mentioned before. Same truck, same trailer, same yard, same drill. Waved to him as he unloaded, finished where I was and ran my mower back on the trailer. Closing everything up, I moved the truck and trailer so that he could mow where I had been parked while I blew the clippings off of everything. He finished right as I did so I blew off his mower and he loaded up while I closed up.

We sat on the back steps to enjoy the end of the sunset and chat. He said he just couldn’t ride by knowing I was at it alone, wouldn’t be decent. Also, he needed a bit of technical advice as a lady in need had been brought to his attention. Seems her well pump died about three years back and she hadn’t been able to get it fixed. He was trying to fix it for her but had a question. Steered him in the right direction and then we declared the sun set. He climbed in and headed for town with a honk and a wave as I headed up the steps to fetch a girly-girl.

A realization hit me on the way home however. Maybe I wasn’t drawn to go mow. Maybe the calling was intended to put me in a place where I got a reminder that there are those who do good just because. Maybe it was just a way to help us both take in God’s beauty and enjoy fellowship while benefiting those around us at every step. Either way, I left better than I arrived and I left the place better than I found it. Not a bad use of a sunset I suppose.


2 thoughts on “Pete and Repeat

    • I have no interests in wearing mirrored glasses or leather pants here or anywhere else. I do want to try and encourage folks to talk to one another, find their particular happy place and see the array of wonder around them. Thank you for your kind validation and support ma’am.

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