Gender Issues

Hmmm…, how to start this thought I wonder? Well, a bit of background might be useful in working up to my current conundrum. When we get there I’ll let you form your own judgement. 

As stated, I grew up with a bunch of much older folks amid rural, agrarian settings. We were out and about working most of the time. There were no cell phones, tv’s or radios to distract us, just the folks around you and the job at hand. Time was passed simply talking. Talk about anything and everything. You just grow used to it and it becomes normal. Without realizing it, that talk becomes a habit. You ask the cow how her day is going, the dog if it was necessary to bark just now and the chicken if she laid an egg. You don’t think about it really, you just do it. Well…

Well, this morning I was up and out early. Upper 90’s today with 60%+ humidity. No sense in working in that so I work in the early morning and later afternoon/evening just like those old folks taught me. This morning included going over the truck and checking everything out. I thought of something about vehicle names that I read about here awhile back.

The discussion had been about the naming of vehicles and how they tend to have female names given by men. Well now, my truck is named Grumpy. Girly-girl and I gave him that name because of his disposition on cold mornings. That diesel is a bit grumpy for a minute or two until the fuel and oil warms up a bit you see. The name suits him and so it stuck. Hadn’t thought much more about it until that post. The thought came and went until this morning.

I popped the hood, cleaned the windows and set about checking the maintenance log and going over everything. Satisfied that all was well, I wiped the hoses one last time and shut the hood with a “good girl, everything’s ready for you”. That’s when it hit. Yep, I talk to the truck just like I talk to the dogs beside it. Talking about it, I refer to him. “We need to stop and get him some fuel.” BUT, talking to it, she’s a her! “Come on girl, pull, don’t spin.” Wait a second…

Does my truck have gender issues? Am I as nuts as some have implied? Enquiring minds want to know. Thoughts?


12 thoughts on “Gender Issues

  1. I think you’ve bumped your head one too many times chasing accents beagle! *giggle* My truck is just a ‘truck’!

    The bunny might not be able to reach your cherries, but she can certainly get your ‘goat’! 😀


  2. I think that the official term for your truck is gender fluid (gender–fluid: of, relating to, or being a person whose gender identity is not fixed) and that need not be an issue for either of you if you are both ok with that. When pulling up at the garage your truck is a male but when being cleaned or getting you from a to b, your truck is a female. In this modern age where all things are what they want to be, I see no reason for concern about that. Clearly you are aware of the truck’s changing identity, as is Girly-Girl, so that is really all that matters. I hope that my comment to your post shows that I don’t think you are nuts. But then who defines nuts and who knows that I am not just a fellow nutter? Whatever the case, I enjoyed reading your post and am glad that you are back to writing more frequently.


    • Oh yeah, I missed being here. It adds a bit of levity to my world that I need. Life and the accident conspired to really get me down from both a time and a mental standpoint. It’s nice to sit in on a hot afternoon and do more than stare at the ceiling hoping to be better by evening.

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  3. Thanks for the afternoon giggle. I dont know how I feel about this one though. Girls can be grumpy. Grumpy is a beautiful truck. I feel like he is decidely masculine and I dont know why you are trying to confuse him!
    I dont have a nickname for my truck but have always identified him as a him, probably because of his previous owner. Pretty sure he sometimes grimaces that instead of work boots and tools there are high heels, pony tail holders and a purse always in the cab. Now Im pondering a good name for him.


    • She was asking about the difference (as opposed to my prior truck) one cold morning as we eased out onto the road. I gave a brief explanation and summed it up by saying that the truck was just a bit grumpy and grumbly so we just go slow until it warms up. She lit up and declared “That’s it, maybe we’ll call him Grumpy!” before starting to stroke the armrest and tell him it was ok and he would warm up soon. The gender just stuck in conversation. Hadn’t really noticed the disconnect until this morning. That then made me chuckle and I figured it would give y’all your daily smile.

      Hmmm…., beside Grumpy the name Tiny would seem fitting and I do know how you like that name. Just sayin….


    • It was an odd and striking thing when I realized what I said. It is obviously an inanimate, androgynous thing but something that I enjoy and care for regularly. Given that the girly-girl and I always use Grumpy/he/him, the realization that I thought of care and maintenance with those terms kinda surprised me. It was furthered by the fact that trucks, tractors and such haven’t been named in my past. What can I say, I felt it was interesting enough to put out for input.

      Thank you, as always, for yours ma’am.


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