Light bulb moment

Had one earlier today, had a few actually. I had a few reasons for coming here originally but, beyond my soapbox moments, they all revolved around the idea of helping others in one way or another. That memory struck me today and I had another “light bulb” moment. That moment is here so here you are, the answer to the question you didn’t ask. Remember the nugget about ignorance buried in my last two mile long post? Let’s see if you find the answer to the unasked question illuminating.

School starts for girly-girl in a little over a week. They don’t have a maintenance person and I don’t make cookies. Problem solved, I help in my way. That means the million little things no one thinks of all work. I don’t do fundraisers. I don’t sell peanuts or buy cookies. I don’t wear a school t-shirt. But the services I donate exceed all  fundraising combined. (I point that out to get others to think of how they can help. There’s always a way to help if you actually want to help. There’s also always a way out if you don’t. Just sayin…) I’ve made it a point to be there at least a couple of times a week lately. The goal is to change all bad bulbs/ballasts and do all routine maintenance before school starts. Schools are sooooo much easier to work in without the kids in the way. Add the kids and it goes all to heck. So, back to me and those light bulbs.

They like one type of bulb. Simply Goldilocks it is, not too bright, not to dim, not too many ladies chewing on me when I come to see the prettiest girl in school. They asked about that level of light the other day. Most of them don’t like one type of light or another so I sat’em down and did a bit of teaching of my own. The eyes were rolling around for a moment until they realized the utility of what I was getting at. Watching those lights come on made me think of y’all and here we are. Ready? Ok, here’s the answer you didn’t ask for.

Light color is measured in “K”. We could get a LOT deeper there but it doesn’t matter, no one cares and everyone has bedtime creeping up. For most lights the “K” rating is between about 2,500K and 5,500K. Old fashioned incandescent bulbs are 2,500K to 3,000K. So called “white light” such as florescent tube tends to be 4,000K to 4,500K. So called “daylight” bulbs are about 5,000K. Heading up towards 6,000K gets you a blue/purple color. Who cares? You do.

LED bulbs burn 80-90% less energy on average. That’s a lot of savings if you target your high use lights. Some folks don’t like the “white light” but prefer the “warm glow” of old fashioned incandescent bulbs. Others want that “white light” for a given application. The color does NOT change how bright the light is but that doesn’t mean you can’t have what you want and save energy (pronounced “money”) too!

Use the lower range (2,500-3,000K) for warmer light and go up (4,000K or 5,000K) for whiter light. There isn’t a right answer, only your answer. Now, you have the answer to the question unasked. You know what the number on the box means when you go to get bulbs. Get what you desire, put it in, turn it off, roll over and go to sleep with ignorance overcome due to your “light bulb” moment!



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