Beautiful Hen’s Tooth

*Came here to share a thought. Noticed that I showed as having multiple drafts stored. Seeing as I don’t draft (I write then hit publish) work, that seems odd and I had a look. It would appear that WP was so kind as to “save” the work instead of publishing it. Grrrrr…., no, wait….. Maybe they thought the stuff so good that the public wasn’t ready for it. Nah, doubt that, just think they stink. Oh well, that explains the lack of comments on those/this post!

Do look up the V90. Gorgeous inside and out…., anyway, back to previously written post!

To recap a fact stated previously, I won’t stare at or mess with a lady but… I will most definitely admire your car and play with your dog. Rather shameless in those two arenas. Now, about the former, let’s talk beauty and shame.

The new Volvos all tend to be gorgeous bits of automotive art that need to be seen to truly be appreciated. The V90 wagon is the pinnacle of this. A bit underwhelming in the power train department but I suppose the typical buyer isn’t thinking “German sports wagon”. But, car buffs aren’t typical buyers and so our disappointment is lost. Sort of the same as the beauty of the wagon. Sadly, they predict a low take rate in the North American market. Sadder still, the regular V90 is only available as special order. All dealer shipments will be the tarted up Cross Country. Not even close in effect. Yeech….

Why mention this hen’s tooth? Because it is beauty under your nose that you would miss otherwise. Be a shame to miss something beautiful wouldn’t it?