An addition

Also pondered “No math” as a title. Seems fair as it is the thought process. No need to get clever though as the head is off and my time here is short. Now….

Like everyone else, I have opinions. (Those that know me are now reeling with shock.) Also, like everyone else, these thoughts and opinions frame my beliefs. One of my long time opinions underwent change recently and received an addendum worth noting. Thought it might be useful food for thought and so here we are.

I have little use for modifying oneself. No use for makeup, tattoos or any of the rest of it. To each his own but that is my stance. Once you get into surgical alterations, my view of the act dims quickly. I do not approve of teenage girls getting “a little more” as a graduation gift. Ones value lies elsewhere. But…..

For those who survive breast cancer I have always had an asterisk. You survived something mentally and physically hurtful and walked away from it. It implants (among other things) help get you back to a fair place in life, go for it. Was a “B” but always wanted “C”, do it. (Let’s not go overboard though.) Want to knock off ten years of gravity, why not. This was my exception to my rule until recently. There is now an addendum.

For those having survived physical abuse have at it. Put things back as they were. You should not see such evidence in the reflection of every shiny surface. Matter’o’fact, I would be all for making the guilty party pay for any work needed. There, you now know the added to my rule. Thoughts, questions, comments?


3 thoughts on “An addition

  1. I approve of this. Dont let the past acts of a monster impact your future first impressions. Break free when possible and live life anew.


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