Curiosity on Holiday

In a store earlier. They were playing Christmas music. Few weeks early in my opinion but I don’t think I was tooooooo…. grumbly. Rather proud of myself if I must say so. Reflection made me wonder about y’all, your tastes, lives and realities, the worlds and ways you inhabit. From that sprang a question/curiousity.

What is your favorite Christmas song(s)? What might be something unique insofar as Christmas music in your part of the world or in your life? Do you have a favorite memory of Christmas music?

Please feel free to share and add links as you wish. You might just be someone else’s smile for the day, add to their list of favorites and you may create a tradition in their life!


3 thoughts on “Curiosity on Holiday

  1. Kit likes Little Drummer Boy but is still perplexed by America’s love of “Grandma got run over by a Reindeer.”

    I had to think long and hard on this question which made me realize the overuse of Christmas songs at retailers has me downright jaded about the music. But I still like Silent Night. It’s too Jesusy for the retailers to abuse it and brings back some nice childhood memories with family.


    • In your answer I found the solution to the thought not fully solved but yet still idling along in the background. That commercialized noise without joy was what was on my mind without my fully realizing it and my question was geared to seeing where others found joy. Good observation sir.

      Both you mention are beautiful. Now, regarding Grandma and the reindeer….. We have a reality TV show star (who got the show spot due to his sleazy reputation) as President and she questions this about us?


  2. My favorite is O Holy Night. I tend to ding Joy to the World a lot also. When I was a child, in December we would visit nt grandparents and my grandpa would hook the horses to a sled and the whole community would go caroling. It’s one of my most favorite memories and I am not a good singer. I went caroling with some friends a few years ago and it was so much fun.


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