Weight Wait

Thinking back tonight on some fun I had this week. Some of it involved a girl. Actually, she’s not a girl anymore. Thinking on it after the first encounter I was struck with the realization that she has probably entered her 30’s now. Holy cow does time roll on. Rolls on and piles on I suppose. In her case it is hard to miss that the stunningly beautiful 18yo has probably been able to add on 75-100 pounds. Now that weight does her body now good and will be regretted in years to come but it isn’t the weight that bothers me.

Nope, my bother is the other 200 pounds. That 200 is in the form of her f-all useless boyfriend. Good word BOYfriend. He was a worthless pile when they met and, 13 years on, he is still an anchor tied to her life. That life is full of secrets. Like the fact that he sees neither the little girl nor the submissive that pays his rent, buys his food and provides his transportation. (Would it help if she stood between him and the video games?) Me, been watching this situation since the lovely young lady started on this project.

All of this is mentioned on purpose. She has spent years loving him, caring for him and trying to please him. She simply does not wish to see that his willingness to take will never equate to love or reciprocity. No amount of service will turn that boy into a man. She is committing an error of logic and traveling a path where so many others have gotten lost. Changing her world is nigh impossible yet it still bears discussion.

Being little, submissive or both does not mean being used. It does not mean going without respect. Being of service does not preclude being served. A worthwhile one can respect themselves, they can look in the mirror and smile because of reciprocity. They know their value and that they are valued. For all that I may preach on reasonable levels of fitness, for the clarity with which I remember a slimmer her, I still would advise her to start any new regimen with a 200 pound weight loss. After that she could then feel much better about loving what was left. For now, she awaits a miracle on the boy’s part. It’s unwise and improbable to do so.

Submissive, little or both, know and believe in your value and worth. Know that another can see it and treasure you. Never wait for the weight. Now, the soapbox shall be tucked as shall you.


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