‘Tis the season and all that. Couldn’t help thinking about it as I admired a lady the other night. She deserves my admiration, yours as well I suppose. Some give in small ways but she went above and beyond. Shortly after you come into contact with her, her giving shines.

With every look, every comment, every reply and every expression it shows. She is a giver. It is obvious that, at some point, she committed an act of great selflessness and made one of the most caring decisions one can make. Anyone and everyone can tell that she is a sense of humor donor.

Maybe she heard of a small child born without a sense of humor and stepped forward to give her’s. Maybe a relative lost their’s after a tragedy and she gave. Who knows, point is that she’s a real inspiration. You too can be like her. Wouldn’t wearing that dour expression and being the death of a party be worth it if another were to benefit? Really, do you need to see joy all around and laugh dailym

Please consider parting with your sense of humor this season.

(This has been a PSA for Cheer Up. Cheer Up has been helping folks get their head out of their rear for awhile and plans to continue doing so!)


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