All wet

Been awhile hasn’t it? Hope you’ve been well and that the assorted holidays passed pleasurably and smoothly with plenty of time for those you love. Me?

Well, life’s been interesting and offered little free time. Things lie around undone months after they should have been addressed. Therein probably lies the overarching story of my 2018 in many ways. Rain. Leaves aren’t done, wood isn’t done, so much isn’t done and it is all because of rain. My little free time was rained out for a lack of a better way of putting it. Rained out for a year. The sob story aside, the sheer volume is of interest to any other weather geeks floating about.

We were at 150% of normal January 2nd due to rain on the 1st. We stayed there (or higher) all year! This was (surprisingly) almost completely without the impact of the storms that brought so much destruction to the Carolinas. Against the odds, it skirted very neatly around us each time and we never received the deluge originally expected. But we still received an incredible amount of steady perception. To. Give numbers to the story….

2017 was dry and saw us get about 32″ total rainfall regionally against a “normal” of around 42″. We over DOUBLED 2017 this year to end at about 70″! Looking up the wettest area in the US showed that Mobile, Alabama averages 67″ of rain with 59 rainy days a year. Last year it rained 170 days! Yep it’s been wet.

Oh well, so, how are you?


3 thoughts on “All wet

    • Hello ma’am!

      It actually hasn’t rained for six days now and the goings-on are somewhat comical to anyone unaware of the past year. With temperatures right at freezing there are many folks taking time off to remove holiday decorations and do work/maintenance around the house simply because they couldn’t decently get in the yard for so long. Beautiful solid blue sky, crisp wind and cool weather, color me happy. Hope you are as well.

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