So, where to start? Well, this evening (heck, this week) my head hasn’t been good. Why am I here then? Well sometimes even curmudgeons can be convinced. What dose that mean? Good question.

Earlier I tried to write something and WP ate it. Wasn’t happy, again. It was in response to a certain naggy, whiny girl. The recently revealed ( Different Girl Different Speach) lady wrote wisely and well about the value of coming to see, understand, value and manage all of herself. It was a post I liked and I was proud of her. I was and am proud of how she has come to a vastly better place and exists on far stronger footing. (Before going further you may want to follow that link and see what she said so the rest here makes sense. Heck, might want to read all of her recent posts for a fuller picture of what follows…)

And we’re back…

First bit was written the day after her post then life interrupted the best laid plans of Monkey and man so… Better part of a month as passed but the secretary and I return. Where were we? Oh yes…I think…

I expect many questions over time. For now though an introduction. A certain kid has been nagging and hagging me to avoid the ‘net. Sadly she’s right. (Nothing worse than a female who’s right and knows it.) She’s repeatedly offered to help me do posts and I’ve repeatedly, stubbornly refused. My belief in the offers of others to help combined with my belief in always giving another the chance to fail had left me hoping someone would fill a void in my life that included helping me in this arena. Much talk, no action and there was still a giggly goof who cared and wanted to help. At this I grumbled.

I grumbled because I would like someone willing to fill my weakness as I fill theirs. It would be nice to have that strong relationship and yet… I do have thoughts. Admittedly they are typically of little value yet they are there. In particular I see her use her voice and I often wish to reply. (Her’s is one of only 2 or 3 blogs that WP feels I need to see and one of only 2 it let’s me comment on. Boooo…) A funny feeling has me think that there are some curious to my thoughts regarding her world. So, as in all other areas, I want to be around to support her and cheer her on.

With a bit of introspection I have to admit she was right, I should quit waiting and let her help and so I have. This means, via my secretary, I’ll be here a bit more going forward I believe. (Pondering it, maybe should make the title Secretary for her amusement on two levels.) Through this y’all may come to see D/s, parenting and some other bits I’ve postulated on in the past in a different light. We’ll see how it goes but, as I’ve taught her, your learning will only go as far as your voice. Unanswered questions are only addressed on rare occasion by luck. Feel free to ask questions and, if in doubt, address them to me and I’ll decide the scope of the answer.

For now, I’ll stop lest the Secretary’s fingers fall off but I hope you have all been well and look forward to hearing from you.

3 thoughts on “Introductions…

    • Hello ma’am, nice to see you again. Odd thought is that WP doesn’t show most blogs and won’t let me write a post and yet it let’s me reply to comments. To be a place that focuses on websites they are terrible. But, they do want to see you upgrade!

      With the help of the lady I may begin to be by a bit more as my head allows. Sorry if my response is delayed at times.

      Hope y’all are well.


      • I only view things through the pc, not phone, so I can’t say I’ve had any issues but then I’m never really on here these days. 🙂

        Things are going well here, I’ve moved on from just flowers to veggies too. Bear gets a real kick out of my excitement when the produce starts! LoL Simple pleasures ….

        Hoping to be by more myself but probably not on the main site. My thoughts are more on the physical issues lately and not the relationship ones.

        Looking forward to witnessing the collaboration! Be well 🙂


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