Well now,

It would appear that, once again, Firefox gets the job done where Google fails. Spent some time trying a bunch of different routes on Google. Remembered that I have Firefox loaded. (How did I overlook that?) Gave it a whirl and logged in on the first try! Still “clunky” but it worked.

Quite nice indeed.






Funeral arrangements

Personally I think that they would be a bit premature. Everyone that has called me off as dead has been wrong so far and, in this case, absence doesn’t equate to demise. Nope, not dead at all, just absent.

WP has been a pain. Haven’t been able to log on with my phone for a few weeks. The saved web page now takes me to a white background with a blue bar across the top and the WP watermark. Nothing else happens. Tried logging into WP. WP login comes up and you can scroll/highlight but no information can be entered. Had to login on to my computer to do an elderly neighbor a favor and decided to tether to the phone out of curiosity. It’s even slower and more annoying than the phone itself but it worked!

WP will need to fix their poo (I’ve heard from others having the same issues or ones similar) or I will be a rare face indeed. Rare, not dead.

That said, I hope everyone is well and tracking towards a Merry Christmas filled with love and laughter. Never overlook the fact that the gifts tend to be useless and unnecessary things with little thought behind them. Find joy in opening up a mind that might not be at future gatherings. The gift inside beats what’s under the tree and it leaves better memories. Have fun, play nice and don’t forget to be joyful.

Does not compute!

Basic math I can do but some things are beyond me. Really an odd thing given my proclivities. Truth is that I could do better in a wider range of math had I the education but, for now, I know what I know and I understand my limits. (CFD has a program for a reason.) Recently I hit that limit unexpectedly.

I had a chance to go by Girly-girl’s school and do some work before school let out. Enjoy volunteering there. Some bake cookies, I plan the layout for the addition, fix lights and give proposals for various projects. I do the things that I know how to do and they need. Like a lot of my life in recent years, there’s a gender gap. Being the only guy around doesn’t really bother me insomuch as I’m not bothered by that fact. Matter of fact I learned a lot about women over the years in those types of settings. The two genders really are different in a lot of ways both big and small.

Language is a good example. Women tend to be far, far more vulgar than men. They will discuss things that are very inappropriate for the environment in a very coarse way. It often shocks me to hear some of what is said. The downside of working quietly and consistently is that you disappear. The conversation turns foul and, since you haven’t spoken in 15 minutes, you don’t exist. Sometimes it isn’t foul, it’s just odd. Such a thing transpired recently. As I sat there working a mom came into the office with a large bag. ¬†Plopping it down, she looked at the women in the room and said “Ok, who wants some?” Here, let’s listen along to the conversation.

M1- Ok, who wants some?

M2- What is it?

M3- Are those clothes?

M1- Yep, they were my sister’s.

M3- Why is she giving them away?

M1- Divorce Diet! (Laughter all around)

S1- What is a divorce diet?

M2- It’s when your husband leaves your fat a## and you lose weight so you can get someone else to pay the rent!

M1- Yeah, she’s lost 50lbs in four months. She’d like to lose a 100, I told her to go for 150 so she would be the size she was when they got married.

(Losing weight at that rate is neither healthy or sustainable.)

S2- I didn’t know they had split up.

M1- Yeah, she said he just lost interest in her. He apparently told her it was unhealthy to eat all day and never do much. She was tired of hearing it anyway. She says she wants to start looking for someone in the spring after she finishes losing weight. I’ll have more clothes after Christmas.

I got up and quietly eased out. Given my limits with math I knew that I could never get the situation to add up. Better to realize my own ignorance and go do good I figured.

Detrimental Noises

Remember that dinosaur of a truck I mentioned awhile back? Let’s talk about it for a bit.

Now it’s my ride so I know it inside and out. It is an older diesel so they were a bit louder and rougher. More NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) as an engineer would say. Mine isn’t though. Someone has expended a lot of time and energy taking good and making it even better. I took the time to both study and learn, more importantly, I spent a lot of time observing. This brought well researched changes and upgrades done with a goal in mind. But I’m old, kind of like the truck.

Recently I have had some younglings offer me advice for the truck. They have one too you see. It will inevitably be parked there rattling and bucking, surging and smoking. They tell me all the improvements I need to make. I’ll ask a few questions and listen awhile. They understand these things far better than I do and this they know. After a bit we go our separate ways. I usually go mine at a slower pace.

They don’t know that I was working on these engines before their birth. They wouldn’t realize that my goals were reliability, durability and longevity. That this brought more power was nice. Actually, it brought a whole lot more. My truck rides better, drives better, stops better and turns better. It’s quieter than most which is nice. After all, noise doesn’t equal power does it? Just so happens that mine has a lot more power than their’s and yet it still gets 20% better fuel mileage than stock. That loud chuffing they hear, “because it’s tuned”, is a poor tune that’s eating their turbo and blowing seals. Whoopsie… A few minutes in my truck would change their world but it isn’t needed so I don’t offer it. Their pride wouldn’t allow it anyway.

Sort of like a lot of things I ¬†suppose. I built my truck to fit my needs in my world. I listened to what others had to say but I listened more to my truck. I didn’t change something in my world just because I read about someone else having it in theirs. I certainly didn’t try to follow each suggestion as that would ensure a mismatched mish-mash that did more harm than good and it would only serve to conceal real problems. I went slowly and carefully, evaluating each change, noting it’s impact on the truck overall and in certain specific areas. The end result is a relationship that they would love to have.

Like I said, it’s sort of like a lot of things in life isn’t it?

Both sides…

Well, a lot that I could write about but tis that time again I suppose. Tomorrow will be an incredibly fun day of overeating and bloviating. There was a brief moment a few years back when I felt the merest tinge of self pity. It was triggered by the realization that I would spend holidays alone in the future. Then there was a dear sweet Grinch like moment when my eyes lit up and my mouth curled into a dastardly smile. It had occurred to me that I no longer had to suffer through holidays around a room full of blow hards! I could count on at least two quiet days a year in the future. Color me happy! Those have been my favorite days each year since!

Were I there tomorrow, the topic would inevitably reach the recent events that have talking heads talking and it would most certainly never reach anything that really matters on our planet. Think that I would hear anything about political change in Africa leading to reform that lessens hunger and how we could magnify the effect with a change in fuel additive policy? Nah, I didn’t think so either. Usually I listen for a couple of hours quietly then they would start pushing me. Finally I would speak. That ended them asking me until the next year. Seeing as I won’t be there, I’ll give you a bombshell for tomorrow today.

“This whole deal regarding men behaving badly is sadly misrepresented at best. That people are speaking out is good. If they are found guilty, better. If I get to pick a method of punishment, better still. But I don’t hear anyone discussing the profit motives here. This is being played in such a way that the players are making huge sums of money from it. This is not being driven by righting wrongs or enforcing a world where good, decent behavior prevails, it is about getting rid of competition (in many cases) and profitability while doing so. They were protected for money and now they are sacrificed for money. There isn’t a moral initiative afoot. Moreover, this is not an equal rights issue. Given the approximate 70/30 abuse split, the reports would be different if it were.

Funny thing though. Those “protecting” a gender also see it as blameless when it does wrong. That applies to both sides at the moment. If we want change or fairness then let’s open up all sides to accusation, let’s go after all who act badly no matter where the windfall happens and let’s treat every person with civility until they are proven guilty. After that, let’s use better punishment that fits the crime and has the added bonus of being an effective deterrent.”

“Pass the potatoes please.”

Sore subject

It’s Fall. Today was gorgeous and windy. Pretty to look at and even better to experience. Wish y’all had been here to do so. Get everyone together out in the yard and just sit. Sit and experience the leaves raining down. It was a good day.

Spent part of that day cutting, splitting and stacking wood at a neighbor’s house. He got to ride under the flashing lights to the hospital this week. Some of us wanted to make sure he didn’t try to cut wood anytime soon so…. We are taking turns going over to wood his stove so the lady stays warm. Not a bad way to spend time if I can’t have all y’all over.

Came home from that and went back to practicing getting up leaves at another neighbor’s house. She can’t get around much anymore and it makes her happy. Told her I would keep practicing until I learned how to do it. Also reminded her that my work came with it’s normal guarantee, “If you don’t like it, I’ll put’em back and give you your money back!”. As always she laughed and I went to work. Beats talking as we have a long running dispute in progress. She always wants to pay me and I never want to be paid. Gets pretty ugly with her waving money and me reminding her that I can walk faster that she can run. Hag! (Yep, some of you remember that post.)

Anyway, finished there and went to my yard to continue practicing “leaf gettin’ up”. Finally stopped after dark and cleaned everything and put it up. Came in to thaw and take a couple of showers. One just won’t do once you get dirty enough.

Feel fine now but I’ll feel it in the morning. Know that mower I’ve mentioned? Yep, it’s good for grass but oh what it does for leaves. It cuts over a hundred hours of hard physical work each year for me. Can’t tell you how nice that is. Those hours are only a small part of a lot of hard doings over the years. That ceaseless workload is on top of a lot of injuries. Those things combine to produce well worn joints and those joints hurt. Before getting this mower, I counted on a month of sleepless nights due to the pain of the added workload each Fall. Yes I do love that mower, I slept last night and I’ll sleep tonight. But this sob story has a reason to it.

I work a lot and I’m typically on the phone. I can be on the phone (headset) while doing two other things or driving. I can talk and get a lot done. Typing means sitting. It means doing only one thing and doing it slowly at that. Typing (for most Americans) takes place at half the baud of talking and it isn’t in real time. But wait, there’s bonus points! Do very much in a given time period and those joints hurt. Push it far enough and the pain gets bad. Think sweating while holding a steering wheel because of pain and inflammation.

I do enjoy being here and I would love to have everyone over but…. Please know that I’m never ignoring someone and feel free to remind me if I don’t finish a thought. I simply know how much I can do and I don’t push it when typing. Make sense?

Hope everyone had some beauty in their day today!


Taking a moment to sit and breathe before heading out provided an insight into the future.

Looking out I saw leaves slowly raining down onto a wet yard. There they add onto the piles that illness and rain prevented me from finishing over the weekend. A part of my future will be getting up leaves. Yet another “to-do” added to an unexpected list of needs. “No big deal, SNAFU” I thought. That gave me a chuckle and a vivid reminder.

That word popped up in the military years ago. As acronyms go, I doubt it was officially approved and passed down the chain. Today folks use it to reference a small mistake or mix-up. It has a different meaning. It is a slang situational report in reality. If asked about progress you would report problems by replying SNAFU, Situation Normal All F###ed Up! Typically things turn out ok though, discipline, preparations and training carry the day.

During WWII the GIs needed a reminder to follow those things. Thus was born “Private Snafu”. He was a comic character whose story opened news reels and always had both a reminder and a message. Ya might be surprised what the reverent, perfect “greatest generation” watched thanks to tax dollars and the War Department! Matter of fact, I highly recommend heading over to YouTube and watching a few. (Just remember that these aren’t suitable for work or kids.)

I went and watched a couple on that memory. Reminded me to focus and accomplish and it reminded me to give you a laugh. Now, I hope you enjoy your more widely educated day while laughing at cartoons but I really must get going!