Lovelorn Tragedy

Yeah, rarely around. Same story I suppose, too much go, too little sleep and a reticent platform. Doing well, just tired. Still trying to get by at least once a week to check in on one or another of you. Miss y’all. Now, before this POS crashes….

My turn to add to the conversation via a thought nagging at me as I ponder those here and their relationships and some I observe around me and then note those without their own secret ingredient for happiness. Hit me that it reminded me of a Tragedy. Thinking of the Tragedy of the Commons to be exact. In that (ever so accurate) classic each member tries to get more than the other and, in the end, the endeavor fails. Sound like a lot of relationships doesn’t it? Then there is here.

Here each focuses on the other. Each wonders about, talks about and works for the long term well being of the other. This yields the predictable result of each getting more than if they had worked for themselves and the lot of the whole improving. Cool, very cool indded! Why, by comparison, (and in and moment of ironic wordplay) it makes the more normal way with it’s drift seem Common! Yes, there is work involved here but the reward far exceeds the effort.

Now you have something to ponder and I have eyelid maintenance scheduled so I hope you are well and you get to enjoy a good night’s sleep.


All wet

Been awhile hasn’t it? Hope you’ve been well and that the assorted holidays passed pleasurably and smoothly with plenty of time for those you love. Me?

Well, life’s been interesting and offered little free time. Things lie around undone months after they should have been addressed. Therein probably lies the overarching story of my 2018 in many ways. Rain. Leaves aren’t done, wood isn’t done, so much isn’t done and it is all because of rain. My little free time was rained out for a lack of a better way of putting it. Rained out for a year. The sob story aside, the sheer volume is of interest to any other weather geeks floating about.

We were at 150% of normal January 2nd due to rain on the 1st. We stayed there (or higher) all year! This was (surprisingly) almost completely without the impact of the storms that brought so much destruction to the Carolinas. Against the odds, it skirted very neatly around us each time and we never received the deluge originally expected. But we still received an incredible amount of steady perception. To. Give numbers to the story….

2017 was dry and saw us get about 32″ total rainfall regionally against a “normal” of around 42″. We over DOUBLED 2017 this year to end at about 70″! Looking up the wettest area in the US showed that Mobile, Alabama averages 67″ of rain with 59 rainy days a year. Last year it rained 170 days! Yep it’s been wet.

Oh well, so, how are you?


‘Tis the season and all that. Couldn’t help thinking about it as I admired a lady the other night. She deserves my admiration, yours as well I suppose. Some give in small ways but she went above and beyond. Shortly after you come into contact with her, her giving shines.

With every look, every comment, every reply and every expression it shows. She is a giver. It is obvious that, at some point, she committed an act of great selflessness and made one of the most caring decisions one can make. Anyone and everyone can tell that she is a sense of humor donor.

Maybe she heard of a small child born without a sense of humor and stepped forward to give her’s. Maybe a relative lost their’s after a tragedy and she gave. Who knows, point is that she’s a real inspiration. You too can be like her. Wouldn’t wearing that dour expression and being the death of a party be worth it if another were to benefit? Really, do you need to see joy all around and laugh dailym

Please consider parting with your sense of humor this season.

(This has been a PSA for Cheer Up. Cheer Up has been helping folks get their head out of their rear for awhile and plans to continue doing so!)

Weight Wait

Thinking back tonight on some fun I had this week. Some of it involved a girl. Actually, she’s not a girl anymore. Thinking on it after the first encounter I was struck with the realization that she has probably entered her 30’s now. Holy cow does time roll on. Rolls on and piles on I suppose. In her case it is hard to miss that the stunningly beautiful 18yo has probably been able to add on 75-100 pounds. Now that weight does her body now good and will be regretted in years to come but it isn’t the weight that bothers me.

Nope, my bother is the other 200 pounds. That 200 is in the form of her f-all useless boyfriend. Good word BOYfriend. He was a worthless pile when they met and, 13 years on, he is still an anchor tied to her life. That life is full of secrets. Like the fact that he sees neither the little girl nor the submissive that pays his rent, buys his food and provides his transportation. (Would it help if she stood between him and the video games?) Me, been watching this situation since the lovely young lady started on this project.

All of this is mentioned on purpose. She has spent years loving him, caring for him and trying to please him. She simply does not wish to see that his willingness to take will never equate to love or reciprocity. No amount of service will turn that boy into a man. She is committing an error of logic and traveling a path where so many others have gotten lost. Changing her world is nigh impossible yet it still bears discussion.

Being little, submissive or both does not mean being used. It does not mean going without respect. Being of service does not preclude being served. A worthwhile one can respect themselves, they can look in the mirror and smile because of reciprocity. They know their value and that they are valued. For all that I may preach on reasonable levels of fitness, for the clarity with which I remember a slimmer her, I still would advise her to start any new regimen with a 200 pound weight loss. After that she could then feel much better about loving what was left. For now, she awaits a miracle on the boy’s part. It’s unwise and improbable to do so.

Submissive, little or both, know and believe in your value and worth. Know that another can see it and treasure you. Never wait for the weight. Now, the soapbox shall be tucked as shall you.

Curiosity on Holiday

In a store earlier. They were playing Christmas music. Few weeks early in my opinion but I don’t think I was tooooooo…. grumbly. Rather proud of myself if I must say so. Reflection made me wonder about y’all, your tastes, lives and realities, the worlds and ways you inhabit. From that sprang a question/curiousity.

What is your favorite Christmas song(s)? What might be something unique insofar as Christmas music in your part of the world or in your life? Do you have a favorite memory of Christmas music?

Please feel free to share and add links as you wish. You might just be someone else’s smile for the day, add to their list of favorites and you may create a tradition in their life!

An addition

Also pondered “No math” as a title. Seems fair as it is the thought process. No need to get clever though as the head is off and my time here is short. Now….

Like everyone else, I have opinions. (Those that know me are now reeling with shock.) Also, like everyone else, these thoughts and opinions frame my beliefs. One of my long time opinions underwent change recently and received an addendum worth noting. Thought it might be useful food for thought and so here we are.

I have little use for modifying oneself. No use for makeup, tattoos or any of the rest of it. To each his own but that is my stance. Once you get into surgical alterations, my view of the act dims quickly. I do not approve of teenage girls getting “a little more” as a graduation gift. Ones value lies elsewhere. But…..

For those who survive breast cancer I have always had an asterisk. You survived something mentally and physically hurtful and walked away from it. It implants (among other things) help get you back to a fair place in life, go for it. Was a “B” but always wanted “C”, do it. (Let’s not go overboard though.) Want to knock off ten years of gravity, why not. This was my exception to my rule until recently. There is now an addendum.

For those having survived physical abuse have at it. Put things back as they were. You should not see such evidence in the reflection of every shiny surface. Matter’o’fact, I would be all for making the guilty party pay for any work needed. There, you now know the added to my rule. Thoughts, questions, comments?


Good evening everyone,

Been awhile hasn’t it? Got busy on my end and so I’m to blame for the absence. I know life is a series of ups and downs but it would be nice to think that your’s has been more up than down during my time away. Your thoughts and stories have been missed though.

As always, I can think of far more to say than I ever have time to type out. This means that (if plans hold) my output may just spike a bit as time allows over the next week. Given the work planned for this “free” time it’s probably best to wait and see if any of it materializes. But, for now, I hope my American friends don’t overdo it at the table on this day of national gluttony and that those abroad have enjoyed a day of sensible consumption.

And so, for now, I wish you all a good evening!